“Quint now has a great relationship with sleep”

Quint was 6 months old when he joined Sleep School. His mum would have to rock or feed him to sleep multiple times during the night, leading to a sleep-deprived family. When Quint joined Sleep School, he was just under six months old.

Did you think Sleep School would work?

Honestly, I wanted to be skeptical but after looking up all the reviews I couldn’t help but feel like somehow it would work. My husband on the other hand was not as convinced. He took me up on doing this, but said if it didn’t work we would be trying the CIO method again and getting our money back!

How would you describe Quint in two sentences?

Quint is a healthy, happy, inquisitive, alert and physically active baby. He enjoys babbling, standing, crawling, laughing, smiling, nursing, sleeping, and playing with his parents and family.

What was your experience at Sleep School?

Our experience in sleep school was awesome! We have truly received the gift of knowing our son feels safe in his own crib/sleep space and we have regained restful uninterrupted sleep. He sleeps through each and every night for 10-12 hours. The support we receive after completing the school is awesome, and we have maintained these results since the 4th of sleep school.

“Our experience in sleep school was awesome! We have truly received the gift of knowing our son feels safe in his own crib”

How is Quint’s sleep after sleep school?

Quint now has a great relationship with sleep and much more independence and trust to explore on his own now. He seems happier throughout the day since he’s well rested and he averages 10-12 hours of sleep each night in his crib. His naps are better too, and he no longer cries each and every time he gets tired during the day.

What’s the one thing you’d tell another parent starting sleep school?

Sleep School truly works. It is a learning curve the first few nights, and may be a little tough, but it is so worth it. Your child will benefit so much from getting proper rest, and you will too! It is truly a game changer and win-win!

“It took Noah 45-60 minutes to fall asleep each night”

Noah, an adventurous four-year-old, used to take up to an hour to get to sleep and was in the habit of going into his parents room during the night. After graduating Sleep School, Noah sleeps through the night in his bed, and is more relaxed and independent in his play during the day.

How was Noah's sleep before joining Batelle?

Overall during the first four years he’s had periods of sleeping better and periods of sleeping less well. We had moved house and stopped giving him milk at bedtime, which made the evening routine really drawn out. It took Noah 45-60 minutes to fall asleep, usually with one of us laying next to him. The house move also got him into the habit of waking up during the night and coming into our bed (any time between 2am and 6am). In the morning he usually woke up as early as 5:30am.

“If we had a second child we wouldn’t hesitate to do Sleep School from 5-6 months”

What was your experience with him at Sleep School and what results did you get?

Sleep School has been life-changing! Noah now goes to sleep within 20 minutes, and I really enjoy reading to him and spending time with him before he goes to sleep. It did take us a bit longer than most to achieve this result, which I put down to the very soft approach we followed with him and that we adapted the process to really fit into our lifestyle. The team was very flexible with these preferences and told us that if we adapt the method it might slow progress down a bit but we would still get there. It did take us longer (about 2 months) but we are happy with the choices we made. As Noah was a bit older, we wanted to make sure he was fully happy with every step in the process.

How is Noah's sleep now?

The additional sleep has been amazing for us, as well as for Noah! One of the first things I noticed after starting Sleep School was how happy and relaxed he was during the day and when he wakes up in the morning. Besides better sleep, Miss Megan has influenced many other aspects of our family life and we have picked up a lot of tips that will help Noah’s development.

“He was waking up every two hours for four months straight”

How was Declan's sleep before you found Batelle?

Declan was an excellent sleeper until he was two months old. He then went through a major sleep regression, waking up every two hours for four months straight. I was absolutely stumped. I hired a local sleep coach to no success: the program was very generic and unhelpful to my son.

A friend told me about Batelle and we decided to give it a shot as I was nine months pregnant with our second baby. At first I was skeptical due to the fact that there was no “Cry-It-Out” tactics used. I had no problem letting him cry a bit when he was younger, so I thought that this was something that must occur in order to sleep train him. I was absolutely wrong and this program has taught my son that I will always be there for him and he can be confident in his sleep. I actually thought there should be more crying!

By the end of the program, how was Declan doing?

We committed fully to the program and, from the fifth night of sleep school, my son has slept through the night without waking up at all — not even once! He is so excited about bedtime and thinks it is so much fun. In fact, the other night he looked at me and shouted “Time for sleep — yay!”

What would you tell another parent who is thinking of enrolling their child in Sleep School?

I cannot recommend them enough. I just told my husband I had no idea how tired I was until I got a full night’s sleep! They do support you with sleep through age 5 and there are several natural sleep regressions that will occur as your baby ages. I absolutely recommend Batelle 100%.

“I was beginning to feel depressed and desperate”

Taylor enrolled Remy first when she was 9 months old. Neither mom nor daughter were getting enough sleep, and Taylor felt desperate. Remy did amazingly well in Sleep School and after seeing such great results, Taylor enrolled her older child Ferris who was 2.5 years old.

How was Remy and Ferris's sleep when they each joined?

We had gotten to a point of Remy not taking any consistent naps and waking up about five times per night, in which case I would breast feed her, as I didn’t have any other helpful tools. This was actually beginning to make me feel depressed and desperate as a mom. I was no longer myself because I had no time to myself and limited sleep. We had tried one other sleep training method which I did not feel aligned with. I was looking for something respectful and supportive to myself and my baby – this is exactly what Batelle and Miss Megan’s program has to offer.

What made you decide to sign Ferris up as well?

We had SUCH massive success with Remy, it changed our whole lives for the better. Since doing Sleep School, we now have all the tools we need to stay consistent for nap time and night time and everyone is SO much happier in our home. Mostly, me as the mom because I know I can get through any ups and downs with a set of tools to support my kids.

“Honestly, Sleep School helped us beyond just sleep; the program is rich with information that helps me communicate with my kids in a calmer way.”

How are Remy and Ferris sleeping now?

It’s been about 8 months since Sleep School and both Remy and Ferris have been doing GREAT. We have had to transition Remy to one nap a few months after doing Sleep School, and we were even able to navigate this without it being too overwhelming!

What was your biggest takeaway from Sleep School?

Honestly, Sleep School helped us beyond just sleep; the program is rich with information that helps me communicate with my kids in a calmer way. It is so so helpful and mindful. Everything I have learned through Sleep School and Miss Megan’s programs has been massively applicable and helpful. I felt comfortable, supported, and in community during this program. I loved having the one-on-one calls and also the group calls. Both were super helpful.

What is the one thing you'd tell a parent about starting Sleep School?

This WILL change your life if you commit to it; I didn’t know if I could believe that when I signed up – but it absolutely did. We enjoy the benefits every single day!!

“A perfect little toddler – until bedtime”

At two-and-a-half years old, Luna was a perfect little toddler – until it came to bedtime. She would wake up three, four, or even five times a night, unable to settle. Both Luna and her parents were exhausted, so Luna’s mum reached out to Batelle.

What made you decide to join Batelle?

I reached out to the Batelle team when Luna’s teachers noticed she was tired in class and it became clear that her interrupted sleep was interfering with her ability to learn. Miss Megan talked to us about a training process that would teach Luna coping mechanisms, build emotional resilience, and a foundation of trust. She explained that the method would involve a consistent, predictable and holistic approach coupled with sleeping tools that would offer us flexibility in terms of travel and unpredictable work schedules. She also explained Luna’s learning process, which helped us understand Luna’s emotions.

“As with every transition, Sleep School was not easy, but we quickly started to see her ability to adjust and to develop new skills, which was truly incredible”

How did you and Luna find the Sleep School experience?

As with every transition, Sleep School was not easy, but we quickly started to see her ability to adjust and to develop new skills, which was truly incredible. Then, one day we said goodnight, slowly left the room and, after a brief objection, her head hit the pillow and she chose sleep, all of her own doing.

How is Luna doing post-Sleep School?

By night seven, in a matter of just one week, we would turn on the mantra, kiss her goodnight, and walk out of the room. What this means for us as parents is a daughter that sleeps eleven hours a night, without any interruptions! She wakes up with a bright smile in the morning and is ready to learn.