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“I was beginning to feel depressed and desperate”


Taylor enrolled Remy first when she was 9 months old. Neither mom nor daughter were getting enough sleep, and Taylor desperately wanted to find baby sleep help. Remy did amazingly well in Batelle Sleep School and after seeing such great results, her 2 year old sibling, Ferris, was enrolled.

How was Remy and Ferris's sleep when they each joined?

We had gotten to a point of Remy not taking any consistent naps and waking up about five times per night, in which case I would breast feed her, as I didn’t have any other helpful tools. This was actually beginning to make me feel depressed and desperate as a mom. I was no longer myself because I had no time to myself and limited sleep. We had tried one other sleep training method which I did not feel aligned with. I was looking for something respectful and supportive to myself and my baby – this is exactly what Batelle and Miss Megan’s program has to offer.

What made you decide to sign Ferris up as well?

We had SUCH massive success with Remy, it changed our whole lives for the better. Since doing Sleep School, we now have all the tools we need to stay consistent for nap time and night time and everyone is SO much happier in our home. Mostly, me as the mom because I know I can get through any ups and downs with a set of tools to support my kids.

“Honestly, Sleep School helped us beyond just sleep; the program is rich with information that helps me communicate with my kids in a calmer way.”

How are Remy and Ferris sleeping now?

It’s been about 8 months since Sleep School and both Remy and Ferris have been doing GREAT. We have had to transition Remy to one nap a few months after doing Sleep School, and we were even able to navigate this without it being too overwhelming!

What was your biggest takeaway from Sleep School?

Honestly, Sleep School helped us beyond just sleep; the program is rich with information that helps me communicate with my kids in a calmer way. It is so so helpful and mindful. Everything I have learned through Sleep School and Miss Megan’s programs has been massively applicable and helpful. I felt comfortable, supported, and in community during this program. I loved having the one-on-one calls and also the group calls. Both were super helpful.

What is the one thing you'd tell a parent about starting Sleep School?

This WILL change your life if you commit to it; I didn’t know if I could believe that when I signed up – but it absolutely did. We enjoy the benefits every single day!!

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