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About us

For the last 4 years, we have spent over $8,000,000 researching and building tools for solving pediatric sleep issues. Why did we do this?  Sleep is the number one issue faced (and talked about) by parents. It’s a high pain point for the parent and child, with contagious effects. This means that when a child doesn’t sleep, at least one caregiver isn’t sleeping either. According to AAP, nearly 50% of children below the age of 6 have severe sleep issues, and it can have a serious impact on families lives.

Most parents feel that it is down to luck if they have a good sleeper or not. They often believe that children will grow out of it, and the poor sleep is temporary, but they rarely ask themselves at what cost to their child’s development and at what cost to their family’s well-being.

Batelle was born out of a hunch that poor pediatric sleep was behavioral, meaning it could be fixed with coaching. So we set out to figure out how to solve this universal problem.

You see, the largest sleep training studies in the world have been conducted on fewer than 300 participants and they have been done through surveys. What this means is that most of the science in this space is not based on expert observation, but on a small sample of parents who don’t have much to base their opinions on. Moreover, most of these sleep training studies were based exclusively on Cry-It Out and the Ferber Method and haven’t included more responsive forms of sleep training that we have found to have a number of positive side-effects like promoting the secure attachment.

We believed there was a better way. We started off by hiring over 40 sleep training coaches, academics, and researchers all around the world and sending out over 10,0000 video video cameras to families so that our team could observe them implementing a variety of techniques to figure out which ones were successful and which ones were most easily adopted.

We have watched hundreds of thousands of hours of video footage coaching parents in the moment, had tens of thousands of hours of consultations, written and read tens of millions of messages and voice notes, spoken with family’s pediatricians and doctors to figure out what is best for which family based on their individual needs. We’ve made a ton of mistakes along the way but we’ve built the most comprehensive understanding of pediatric sleep in the world. Over the course of the last two years, we have been codifying these learnings into a pediatric sleep database and AI coach whom we’ve affectionately named Elle.

At Batelle we strongly believe that sleep is foundational to childhood development and family cohesion. We also know that families have different needs. But fundamentally we believe that every family should have the ability to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Our Advisors

At Batelle, we are always looking to further hone and develop our approach with scientific rigor. To help us with this, we have built a board of some of the world’s most influential individuals from the world of medicine and health, including doctors, pediatricians, and academic researchers.


Harpreet Rai


Harpreet Rai is the former President & CEO at Oura Ring.


Dr Valeria Ricotti


Dr Ricotti is a professor of pediatrics and child neuropsychiatry and an honorary clinical lecturer at UCL.


Dr Umang Patel


Dr Patel is Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft, and a pediatrician.