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Reviews from Batelle Families

3 April 2022

Sooo much more than just sleep school!!!

Background - My baby was the epitome of a high-needs velcro baby that screamed all day long. We had no life and suffered back problems from sitting on the recliner the whole day rocking/nursing the baby to sleep for the first 4 months. It was so bad that we even had to take him with us to the bathroom! I was losing my mind hearing him cry all day. I'm so thankful to have found Batelle because never in a million years would I have thought that my extreme velcro crier can sleep by himself through the night for 12 hours without needing intervention!
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By Cindy
6 April 2022

My wife and I were at our breaking point

Our 9 mo old had a huge nurse to sleep crutch and nothing we did was breaking her out of the cycle. Also, as a first time dad, I felt completely cut out and disconnected when it came to bedtime/nap time. Like many familys, we tried DIY sleep training and quickly failed. We then hired a highly recommended Palo Alto based sleep consultant and miserably failed (baby lost .5lb, lost voice, severely traumatized and wouldn’t go near the crib). We inevitably gave up hope, I magivered a sidecar bed and my wife decided to cosleep for eternity....that is...until we found Batelle
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By Alex Bortnikova
17 April 2022

Batelle changed and saved our lives!

We joined Batelle when our daughter was 4 months old and her sleep felt like it had hit absolute rock bottom. Bedtime was exhausting, and she was waking up almost every hour. We were extremely sleep deprived, but most of all felt we were not providing her with the skills we felt she wanted and needed. Batelle is hard work, but it's also respectful of the child, it's intelligent, and it goes beyond sleep. We are forever grateful for Batelle for changing our family's life. We now spend our freed up evenings talking about how great Batelle is 🙂
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By Galia Tammuz

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How Does Batelle Work?

Success stories

Meet The Families

We’ve seen it all: multiple wake-ups in the middle of the night, cranky mornings and hour-long bedtimes, and all of the above. We’ve solved some of the toughest cases – but don’t just take it from us.

Meet the parents who have been there. Hear their stories in their own words, and learn how Batelle impacts a family’s life.


“Cry-It-Out” is the act of leaving a child crying alone in a room without responding to them in some capacity. Under this definition, even Ferber methods and phase-in methods include varying elements of “Cry-It-Out”.

Conversely, our method provides you with techniques and strategies that ensure you’re always able to respond to your child in some meaningful capacity, thereby reinforcing to your child that you’re always there for them if and when they need.

We guarantee that we will achieve two milestones within a two-week period: 1) your child will be sleeping through the night; and 2) you’ll be able to settle your child to bed in five minutes or less, if you so choose. If we haven’t been able to achieve these milestones, we’ll give you the option to receive a full refund or extend the coaching and support until your child is reaching these goals. The choice is yours.

Your commitment 

We take our responsibility to you seriously. This is why we have the guarantees we do, as well as our long-term commitment to you and your child. However, for us to be able to do right by you, we need your full support and commitment.

As a simple condition to the refund, we ask you to commit to watching and implementing each of our step lessons over the course of the two weeks. Sometimes life gets in the way of Sleep School: you get sick, your child gets sick or you miss a call. We understand and we are here to support you. We will provide you with the ability to pause and rejoin Sleep School at your convenience.

As a company, we commit to investing whatever it takes to help your family in this process. In order to best achieve success parents should reach out to us early for guidance on how to support their child’s journey through Sleep School.

We know that this process works, but it requires parents’ effort and participation in order to succeed.

To qualify for a refund, all we ask is that you implement the method in good faith along with watching the 8 step instructional videos over the course of sleep school.

We understand that life gets in the way, so we will happily reschedule or try to accommodate you in any way we can until you reach the milestones.

To be eligible for a full refund we request the return of the Sleep School tools using a prepaid label that we provide. Sleep lights and Ring Cameras must be unlocked and no longer tied to your account. Locked items will result in a delay in processing your return and eligibility for a refund.

Firstly, Sleep School works equally well for nap and night time. They are both based on the same relationship a child has with sleep, even if difficulties are manifesting at one time rather than another. Once a child has mended their relationship with sleep, both nap and night-time will be easier, more predictable and less disrupted by inevitable changes in life/schedule or sleep regressions.

With regards to weaning and potty-training, these are both things that we can provide help with in conjunction with Sleep School – we take a holistic approach to solving your child’s sleep struggles and are more than happy to help with anything that could be affecting their sleep.

Batelle teaches parents to overcome problems with sleep in a gentle, supportive, and enriching manner. There are many misconceptions about sleep, starting with how sleep problems are considered by many as unsolvable. Children need to sleep, and yet they often wake up multiple times during the night or resist going to sleep in the first place. This is not an inevitable factor of childhood; rather, it stems from a fundamental misalignment of when a child feels safe in relation to sleep.

Our primary goal is to repair and reframe your child’s relationship with sleep, teaching them to feel safe and foster a sense of trust in the sleep process. When a child feels safe and has clear expectations around sleep, they will stop fighting sleep and will naturally begin to sleep through the night.

Batelle’s method is both co-sleeping and contact-napping friendly.

A lot of methods state that you cannot co-sleep or contact nap; however, this is only because results will always be fragile if you do not focus on helping a child to feel safe. If you teach a child a habit, such as in the cry-it-out method, the child will learn that they need to figure things out for themselves and won’t be comforted when they cry. If that child were to go back to co-sleeping, they would feel a sense of safety again. If you then tried to put them back in their own bed, you would need to “re-teach” the expectation that they will not receive comfort in relation to sleep.

Conversely, the Batelle method teaches children to fundamentally trust that sleep is a safe place, and provides parents with the tools to have flexibility around co-sleeping and contact-napping, as both spaces will be safe spaces for them (should you wish to retain any of these elements). 

If you need help with anything sleep related after you have graduated from Sleep School, such as sleep regressions or disruptions, you can reach out to the team free of charge until your child is six years old. We see this as a sleep “insurance” of sorts offered as part of the service.

Because our goal is to repair your child’s sleep for the long-term, our method is a resilient and sustainable solution that is able to weather inevitable life changes. When sleep is approached with the consideration of a child’s underlying need to feel safe, the understanding and trust they build up is something they hold onto for the rest of their lives.

It does! However, we do advise you to either have two caregivers carrying out Sleep School, or to put one child through the program after the other.

We are a currently in the (long!) process of being awarded FDA approval. This will help our Batelle families to claim the cost of Sleep School on their insurance / FSA / HSA.

Yes. At Batelle, we like to work directly with pediatricians to help provide patients and their families with the best and most personalised service possible – do have your pediatrician get in touch! Pediatricians also provide the means to help Sleep School be elegible for your insurance/FSA/HSA coverage. Visit our pediatrician page to learn more