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For families who need something different

Sleep training that aligns with your parenting

Get your child to bed in 10 mins & sleeping through the night.


You Need Help.

Tried other methods

Nothing works. You feel like your child will never enjoy going to sleep.

Running on empty

You're exhausted and worried about everyone in your family not getting enough sleep.

Don't want to do cry-it-out

You know sleep is important, but you also don't want to do cry-it-out.


Our Commitment

10 Min Bedtime, Uninterrupted Nights

Get your child to bed in 10 minutes and sleeping through the night.

Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident in our Batelle method that you have 30 days in which you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

Responsive, Non-Cry-It-Out

Your child will never cry
without being responded to.


Why We're Confident

Helped 5,000+ Families

Our programs are based on 3.5+ years of data, research & coaching families moment-by-moment through their sleep issues.

93% Success Rate

With families who’ve been unsuccessful with other sleep experts or methods previously.

We Align To Your Goals

We tailor the program to you, your child, your needs and your goals. 


What’s included

Step-by-step sleep plan personalized to
your family (naps and nights)

Unlimited messaging with our sleep experts for 60 days

Contingency plans for when life gets in the way

24/7 instant chat support with Elle
(even at 3am!)

2 one-to-one calls with dedicated sleep expert

Sleep help reimagined

How it works


Select support package

Every family is different.
Choose the right support for you.


Create your family profile

Tell us about your family and child’s needs to help us create your perfect plan.


Implement your custom plan

Work towards your specific milestones each night, with tailored resources and support.


Feel like yourselves again

Wake up refreshed every morning, and reap the long-term benefits of everyone getting enough sleep.


What We Ask From You

Put in the work

While this works, it’s not magic. It takes you committing to seeing this through and following your plan.

Let us help you

If you don’t ask for help and give us feedback on your progress and/or challenges, we won’t be able to properly advise or coach you.

Be patient with yourself and your child

This works because we deal with the root cause of a child’s sleep issues. How long the process takes depends on how much reassurance your child needs from you, and every child is slightly different. Honor the journey your child takes you on.

Choose your support package

Select your child's age to see available packages


$250 USD




$450 USD




$2000 USD

ONE-TIME PAYMENT or split over 3-6 months


Reviews from Batelle Families

17 Jul 2023

More than a year later, we continue to highly recommend Batelle!

Sleep training is never easy, but having Batelle there to help us through was what made us go from unpredictable bedtimes and 5-6 wake ups a night, to consistent bedtimes and sleeping through the night. After two weeks in the program, we went on a long vacation that eventually derailed much of our progress but when we got home and reached out to the Batelle team, they got us back on track and supported us back to our goals. They keep you part of the program and continue to provide resources without making you feel rushed. I was concerned that if we didn't reach our goals in 2 weeks that we would be out of luck, much to my surprise, we did reach our goals after those 2 weeks and then when we needed the extra help, they were still there for us. Great program and great people. Be ready to commit to the program when you start, it's definitely all-in to achieve your goals.
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By Gabriela
10 Jul 2023

Worth Every Penny

Worth every penny. You have to trust the process and really commit - but once you do, it truly works. We tried what felt like everything, including a lot of approaches marketed as 'gentle sleep training' that were just cry it out with a nicer name. The Batelle method truly is unique, gentle, and teaches sleep as a skill rather than a one time learned behavior. We went through both Batelle babies and the sleep school program, and couldn't have been more impressed or grateful for the support and kindness we received throughout both processes. The method absolutely requires more time, patience, and work than alternatives out there, but getting to our ultimate goal of sleeping through the night in a way that I actually felt good about was absolutely worth it. Couldn't recommend more highly.
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By Lauren B
15 May 2023

From rocking to sleep to champ independent sleeper

Our sweet baby, Beau, loved to only sleep on us for naps and night. Batelle helped us first solve the nights, and then transition to a crib, and then naps. Beau now sleeps 7:30pm to 7:30am with an occasional visit to settle him in crib, but we never have to rock him anymore. He trusts his crib and loves it! His naps are great too. We were not one of the worst cases but Beau is now a fantastic sleeper, and we owe a lot to Batelle.
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By Ashley Miller Perlwitz

From Exhausted to Empowered

Hear from other parents just like you.

They started off anxious, exhausted and worried that if they did cry-it-out that it would negatively impact child.

They left feeling confident, refreshed and proud of the journey they went on.


Pre-Batelle vs Post-Batelle

Here is an example of the quality of sleep your child will be getting after graduating Sleep School. This data, collected from an Owlet case study, was measured both before and after a toddler’s participation in Sleep School. This could be your child in just two weeks.

Before Sleep School

Here's a snapshot of a child two weeks before they started Sleep School. In addition to the multiple night wake-ups, you'll notice that the child experiences very little deep sleep, with irregular and short sleep cycles interrupted by wakings.

After Sleep School

This snapshot was taken three months after graduating Sleep School. Here, night wake-ups are non-existent and the toddler is sleeping through the night, with much more consistent and regular sleep cycles. It's also worth noting the lower heart rate, suggesting a much calmer and comfortable night for the child.


Batelle is the leading Sleep School for children 0-6 years old:

 We are pioneering a different approach to children’s sleep, based on building trust, connection and engagement

 We understand children’s sleep better than anyone, having helped over 5000 families, with the toughest of sleep issues

 We’ve taken these learnings, and create personalized plans for every child, parent and family, tailored to age, sleep issues, medical conditions, parental preferences, child temperament, environment (eg. room sharing with sibling) and other variables (eg. daycare). This gives every parent and child what they need in order to see success and get more sleep.

The Batelle method is a responsive process that supports your child’s ability to sleep more independently. 

Not “forced” into compliance as a result of nights of disengaging.

Not “trained” to stop calling out to you when they need you.

Not “tricked” by putting them down drowsy enough and disappearing.

But really and truly able to sleep without you there with them. If you are thinking, “there is no way, there is no world, where my child ever learns how to fall asleep independently or link their sleep cycles (sleep through the night) independently”…

Read more about our method here.  

Cry-it-out can work for a lot of families, and if it works for you, that’s great! However, it often doesn’t work, especially in the long-term.

However, the real reason we don’t promote cry-it-out is that we think it misses a unique and impactful opportunity to reinforce a secure attachment between you and your child. We believe that sleep is the perfect opportunity to show your child that you will always show up for them and respond to their needs, even in the tough times. 

We know that sleep is a time of vulnerability for a child, and our belief is that how parents engage with their children during these vulnerable times, has the capacity to teach children fundamental life skills and instil a sense of confidence in them that translates to all other areas of life.

Yes it was! However, we wanted to make Batelle’s programs more accessible to more families, creating our $850 and $450 options. We’ve therefore launched new support packages offering the same expert-designed, child-centric approach to improving sleep – but giving different support options to support this journey. We realized that not all families needed such a high level of support, so it didn’t make sense to charge them for it. This shift helps us make quality sleep accessible to more families, without compromising on the personalized experience Batelle is known for.

We don’t just teach you how to ‘fix sleep’; we coach you how to improve your child’s relationship with sleep for the long term. Over the last ~3.5 years of working with families, we have a 93% success rate and have worked with the toughest and most complex of sleep issues. The reason we see such high success is that we are working on the fundamentals: a child’s need to feel safe, loved and responded to. Some children need more reassurance and more time than others, but ultimately you’re building up your child’s confidence and sense of security, which results in them feeling safe enough to sleep independently. You will have 60 days of coaching access to our sleep experts, which is ample time to go on this journey with your child and adapt the program to your family’s needs. However, we also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you feel that the program is not for you.

This is a really important question. While there is crying in our program, as that is how little ones communicate, our program will help you understand your little one’s crying and what that crying is communicating to you. Our program will teach you about the different cry levels so you can discern if your child is just protesting or becoming distressed and guide you on tailoring your level of response to your child’s level of upset. If your child is becoming distressed, whether that’s twenty minutes in or two minutes in, you will use various strategies to de-escalate the situation and help regulate your child without losing the integrity of the method. 

Absolutely. We are breastfeeding-friendly. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re still able to breastfeed in any capacity you seek, and we’ll help you wean your child at night if appropriate/desired. If your child still requires a night feed, we’ll structure your program to make allowances for this. Please note that it’s important to consult your pediatrician before changing your child’s feeding routine.

Absolutely. If you feel it is the right time for your family to make this move, we’d love to help you. This is a big change for your child, and we honor that as best we can. please remember that you will be in the room with your child for much of the program, which is helpful in transitioning from co-sleeping.

Yes! What makes sense for your family makes sense for us as long as your child has their own sleep space.

We understand this is a personal choice and works for many families. As it’s against AAP guidelines, we don’t give advice on how to continue bed-sharing but are happy to help you transition away from it. If you want to continue bed-sharing, you will be able to do certain parts of the program, which will improve sleep but will not get you to the full outcome (as a big part of the program is teaching a child to sleep independently). However, you can always complete the program at a later date. 

Yes, we cover all things sleep. You’ll work on naps and night-sleep separately though, as we want to make sure your child is getting enough sleep through this transition period by balancing night and day sleep.

The Batelle method can certainly support children with sensory processing disorders or ADHD. Our adaptable approach caters to a wide range of sensory and attention-related needs. We focus on individualized strategies that align with each child’s unique challenges and strengths, ensuring a supportive and effective sleep training experience. Our aim is to create a comfortable and reassuring environment that respects and accommodates your child’s specific requirements for successful sleep training.

Kids, especially those in daycare, get sick all the time. We leave it to you to decide if your child is well enough to do the program or not. You know best. If you feel you need to take a break because your child is sick, you will pause where you are, give your child whatever they need, and when you are ready to rejoin, you will. With 60 days of chat support, you have plenty of time for pauses as needed.

Yes, Batelle now accepts both HSA and FSA payments at check-out. You will get a Letter of Medical Necessity within minutes, that should you need it, you can give to your insurance provider.  

You can read more about this in our HSA/FSA blog