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Remote Sleep School

Have your child sleep through the night in two weeks. Guaranteed.


A gentle, non cry-it-out solution

Our Immediate Guarantee

After 2 weeks, your child will be sleeping through the night and bedtimes will be 5 minutes or less. Or we will refund you in full.

Our Long-Term Guarantee

Until your child is 5 years old, we will help you through any possible sleep regressions, free of charge.


Our Reviews


Tale From a Skeptical Dad

I’ll tell you first hand, I am as traditional as it gets when it comes to raising our son. So, when it came to getting him out of our bed and training him to sleep on his own I felt Cry It Out was best. Who knew (not me) that as soon as I put him to sleep, he would wake up 1hr and sometimes as soon as 10 min later, leaving my wife and I with less than 3 hours of sleep!!! So we tried the CIO Method. It was very emotional for my wife, and most of the time it didn’t work. She ran across Batelle on IG and wanted to try it. In so many words, I was very very against it. I didn’t think that anyone could understand what we were going through, let alone do the things they promised! But they offered a money back guarantee.
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Our family loves Batelle!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience with Batelle...Miss Megan and her whole team were just amazing. Our 15 month old daughter went from constant wake ups to sleeping through the night by night three. Our little girl now goes down in minutes. Every single time! Best thing we ever did!
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Game changing approach to sleep training…

Game changing approach to sleep training. We didn't want to do the 'cry it out method' and were conscious that Amber was young however as parents (for the first time), we were exhausted by lack of sleep and Amber only sleeping in our arms during the day time. Miss Megan's methods have had such a positive impact on Amber ( started at 3 months old). She's progressively getting better quality sleep now during the day and night ( as are we!). Miss Megan has literally changed our lives! We are huge fans 🙂
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MAY 30

Absolutely FABULOUS!

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Miss Megan and her approach to helping children thrive. Before Batelle sleep school, my 14 month old daughter was completely dependent on nursing to sleep and was waking up anywhere between 2-4 times a night. She is now sleeping 12-13 hours a night without nursing! At first, I was apprehensive about the hug, but she absolutely LOVED it right away and couldn’t wait to get in it! She can now communicate to us when she wants to sleep and has such a positive relationship with her sleep tools and sleeping. We have also seen other positive changes in her behaviors. The philosophy is mindful, differentiated and has the emotional well-being of parents and child at the forefront of the approaches.
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MAY 27

Miss Megan is so much more than a sleep guru

Miss Megan has been instrumental in helping with our son's development. From teaching him to be an adventurous eater to helping him master nap times with ease, she is one of the primary reasons he is so resilient. He still talks about her to this day. We look forward to getting her help with our second baby when the time comes. Worth every penny.
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MAY 27

Miss Meghan was absolutely wonderful…

Miss Meghan was absolutely wonderful training our 5 month old. It’s 2 years later and we’re still using all of her methods! I appreciate how responsive she is even until this day, always willing to provide advice for new overnights, sleep changes etc. I really wanted to ensure that my daughter never felt abandoned/disattached during her sleep training, and Miss Meghan provided a reassuring, calming and positive-attachment sleep method that still works to this day. Highly recommend!
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MAY 12

Why didn't I do this before?

I highly recommend Miss Megan for sleep training your child. My 18-month-old was refusing to sleep in her crib after midnight and the only way to get her to sleep was to bring her to our bed. She was waking up 5 or more times in the middle of the night and needed our help to get back to sleep, sometimes for a whole hour. We were just exhausted day and night. After the sleep training with Miss Megan, my daughter was able to fall asleep quickly (5 minutes or less), stay in her crib all night, and the best part, she sleeps though the night with very little or no assistance from us. Miss Megan was very supportive through the whole process and told us how to adjust according to our daughter's personality and needs. Miss Megan was very responsive to our questions and concerns and we couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Miss Megan for giving us our nights and sleep back.
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MAY 12

Miss Megan is absolutely wonderful with…

Miss Megan is absolutely wonderful with babies and kids. Our one year old daughter has been in her home school for a few months now. While she was always a good nighttime sleeper, Miss Megan helped her develop the skills to choose to take naps, in her crib, with minimal fuss and on a reliable schedule. She’s happier and so are we!
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Baby Whisperer and Parenting Guru

Miss Megan, you are immensely passionate about children and extremely gifted with them as well. She can calm even the fuzziest baby with ease and brings calm to the parenting process through her personalized coaching. I have known her for almost a year, and as a father myself, I have found her methodologies to be respectful to babies and children and the utmost sensitivity to their emotional well being. You will be so lucky if you can work with her for your parenting concerns. I know she will help you to achieve your goals. Worth every penny.
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We teach parents how to put their children to bed and sleep through the night

Batelle Program

  • 7 steps over 2 weeks tailored to your child’s stage of development
  • Guidance on: how much sleep your child should be getting, how to build a flexible schedule, how to understand timings for feeds
  • Help with any transitions: changing beds, weaning, phasing out pacifier, dropping naps, starting daycare/school
  • Tailored to your child’s needs and your lifestyle. You will be able to travel, have multiple caregivers, create flexibility in your day without disrupting your child’s sleep
  • Conscious parenting, co-sleeping, contact-napping and breastfeeding friendly
  • A non cry-it-out approach, focused on the child's needs for safety. You will never leave them to cry on their own

Batelle Sleep Box

  • A color light that helps children understand when to sleep and when to wake up
  • A sleep sack (The Hug), which gives children a sense of security and helps them learn to stay happily in bed
  • Bespoke mantras that reinforce that they are safe and loved: these will become foundational tools for them to get to sleep
  • A timer that will help them to conceptualize time