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$1500 all-inclusive. The non-Cry-It-Out solution that works.

We show parents how to repair their child’s relationship with sleep in
2 weeks, with 24/7 live support.

We’re busy with a lot of families at the moment 🐝  and are currently fully booked until April 23rd, 2022

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$1500 in full or $83 monthly

The Batelle Guarantees

Your child will sleep through the night in their own bed

Your child will fall asleep independently with a bedtime of 5 minutes

Your child will never be left to 'Cry-It-Out'

If we cannot achieve these in 14 days of Sleep School, you will be offered a refund.

With Batelle Sleep School you know that you will solve sleep. But is it right for the needs of your child? Does it fit with your values as parents?
How does it work?

Our Unique Approach: 24/7 Coaching

We will guide you live through bedtimes and night wake ups, 24/7 . Whether it’s 7pm or 2am, simply open-up your Batelle App, tell us it’s time for bed or that your child has woken up and we will help you follow our method to get your child back to sleep. This means we can both troubleshoot real-time to help your child, as well as tailor our support based on your child’s needs.

For 0-5 years old

Batelle works with families with a range of sleep-related issues; whether it’s fighting bedtime, waking up in the night, feeding, weaning, scheduling, or co-sleeping. We will work on your specific needs, ultimately resulting in your child feeling comfortable and safe in sleep.

Within 2 weeks of Batelle, sleep will be solved.

Sound too good to be true?

Speak to our Team

Please note that calls book up extremely quickly, so there may not always be availability at your preferred time. We offer free 25 minute consultations on Zoom to understand your situation fully and provide insight into your child’s specific sleep struggles. Book now using the calendar below.

Can’t find a time that works?  Our Batelle Online Sleep Assessment can provide you with a tailored report on your child’s sleep, and whether Batelle is right for your family.