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“Batelle helped us know how to respond to our baby.”

Andrea and Nate were skeptical about the Batelle program but decided to give it a go to help Ian with his sleep. He would never sleep for more than 2 hours, and during these short stints would always need parental physical contact. We interviewed them midway through the program

How was Ian’s sleep before you joined Batelle?

Ian has always been a bad sleeper. He only slept in a baby carrier or co-sleept with us. Even co-sleeping was waking up every hour to 2 hours all night. He would take pretty decent naps during the day, always on us though – sometimes 45 minutes to 2 hours. But, we never had our hands free of him – he would never sleep independently.

“His strides have been mind-boggling. I really didn’t expect to see so much progress or even progress at all”

How did your Batelle journey start?

We skeptically bought in to Batelle – I’m a very skeptical mom. At first, it was working and he was getting 3-hour stretches which was a miracle for us. But then he caught on and realized we were doing things differently and waking up even more often, which was frustrating. We were like ‘this is not working what do we do?’. We arranged some 1-1 time to better understand the little details in soothing strategies and the method. Since then, his strides have been mind-boggling. I really didn’t expect to see so much progress or even progress at all…

“I think I convinced myself that my child was somehow a special snowflake that was never going to sleep ever no matter what we did.”

Were there some challenges along the way?

Certainly, there are some tough moments with high-level cries but we are there to respond to him, in those moments. We took some time to absorb the documents around sleep and the crying to really understand that we are teaching Ian important skills: healthy sleep hygiene, and the ability to choose sleep instead of us putting him to sleep.

“His strides have been mind-boggling”

Looking back on Ian’s progress, how are you feeling?

It’s been miraculous, and we are still very much in shock. We are on step 2 at the moment, but the progress we have seen on a continuous basis is really incredible. Most importantly, I feel like his confidence has really grown and he is really enjoying his independent time more – he can play with his toys and enjoys his own company a lot more. It’s a beautiful thing to see this in your child. And along with that, I feel a lot more confident as a parent in knowing how to respond to him in a way that is physiologically and emotionally appropriate without over-cuddling him.

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