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Built For Toddlers Who Need Something Different

It’s how you get 5 minute bedtimes and uninterrupted nights. Guaranteed.

Toddler climbing out of crib | Batelle
meet some of our kiddos

Built For Your Toddler

We build your program based on the individual needs of your toddler. Whether bedtimes feel like a hostage negotiation, they need something particular to go to sleep (paci, teddy, you), they come through to your bed at night, or they are feeding to sleep – we can get them the sleep they need.

The Architect

Where everything has to be 'juuuuuuust' right. There's always another thing needing fixing, be it the pacifier, the door, the light...

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The Negotiator

Whether it’s to stay up late or not go back to sleep in the middle of the night, these tots are hard-core negotiators. Future lawyers, perhaps?

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The Escape Artist

Somehow these little ones seem to always find a way to escape their bed - Mission Impossible style.

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The Roommate

Co-sleeping, contact-napping, and room-sharing; these little ones don't even pay rent!

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The Gladiator

The gladiators of our time - these kiddos are fighters!

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What We Guarantee


5-Minute Bedtime​

Bedtime doesn’t have to be a struggle. Many toddlers resist going to bed or sleeping without some form of parental intervention, like being fed to sleep or having one more story. This is because they've learned to depend on these... things to fall asleep. What this means is that for the vast majority of children, bedtimes issues are behavioural rather than biological. Our goal for bedtime is to be a positive experience of connection before you say goodnight.


Sleep Through The Night

We can give you and your family uninterrupted sleep at night. From 6 months old, your toddler will have started to develop habits or ‘sleep associations’, anchoring them to certain people, objects or activities (eg. mom standing at the door,... dad holding their hand, having the pacifier etc).

These sleep associations are usually somewhat arbitrary and cause persistent sleep disruptions for both parents and child that can last all the way into later preschooler years. With the right guidance, you can replace the sleep associations that are causing issues, in a way that that your child still feels safe and reassured.


Non Cry-it-Out

Cry-it-out is unfortunately not very effective - especially for toddlers. This is why we take a different approach. We focus on training you - the parent. Rather than not responding to a child crying at night (eg. CIO / Ferber), we teach... the opposite.

We train parents to attune to their child’s needs, and respond in a way that both reassures the child but also continuously moves them towards better sleep habits. Through being present and engaged, you will not only solve any sleep issues your child is experiencing, but also deepen your connection with them.


5 Years of Support

Sleep is a long-term investment in your child’s health, growth and development. Being part of the Batelle family, means you will be looked after, supported and coached through any of your child's sleep issues for the next 5 years. You will... navigate life changes, starting a new daycare or sickness - all with us by your side. Your success, becomes our success.

“60% of families we help have tried one or multiple methods before coming to us.”


Why We Can Guarantee Results

Batelle Sleep Guide | Batelle
The Largest Team of Sleep Experts

With 35+ full -time specialists, we’re not just a single influencer, providing generic advice from a book. With the largest team in the industry, we have the deepest understanding of which sleep interventions work in which specific situations. We have guided thousands of families minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, coaching them through their individual challenges, giving us an unparalleled understanding of toddlers’ sleep.

Fully Aligned with Parent Goals

Our incentives are completely aligned with yours. We don’t charge for our time, we charge for outcomes. We’re so confident in the long-lasting results of Batelle that we will provide you unlimited support through the next 5 years of your child’s sleep.

Clipboard | Batelle

Accomplished Panel of Scientific Experts

We work with some of the most notable scientific and health advisers in the space, including the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft, UCL Honorary Fellow and pediatrician, and the former CEO of Oura Ring.

“Children who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behaviour, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health”

John Hopkins Children’s Hospital

Sleep help reimagined

How It Works For Toddlers

Every toddler has a different plan, which adapts over time as we learn more about how they are responding. We’ve found that the most successful families take around 2-3 weeks to reach their initial goals but, it can be done in less time.


Batelle and pediatricians | Batelle

Personalized plan built for your child

– Based on your toddler’s age, sleep issues, any medical considerations, and temperament

– Tailored to fit your family on a day-to-day basis


Unlimited daytime coaching & feedback for 5 years​

– Work through your plan with our experts supporting at step-by-step

– Adaptions made as you go, as we learn what is working best for your toddler


Parent putting child to bed | Batelle

Real-time coaching for bedtimes & wake-ups

– Be it 7pm or 2am, Batelle’s team of experts are at your fingertips to guide you through any struggles.

– Guidance is personalized to your situation in real-time. You are no longer alone in this.


Batelle truck | Batelle

Proactive guidance going forwards

– Things change. The quality of your family’s sleep doesn’t have to

– We’ll help navigate developmental leaps & regressions, moving house, sickness, daycare etc


Batelle commitment | Batelle

Additional coaching as needed

– If you fall off course, we’ll get you back on track

– Think of this as sleep insurance for the next 5 years. We’ve got you covered

Worth. Every. Penny.

What Toddler Parents Are Saying

“[Batelle] was there for us 100%... it didn't matter what time of day or night - it was phenomenal"

Megan & Chris Batelle Family

“You have needs that are no longer being met...If you stick to the program, those needs will be met”

Daniel Batelle Family

“We learned so much more about her...
There's somebody that can guide me through this”

Marie Batelle Family

Reviews from Batelle Families

20 JUN 2023

We got out sleep (and bed) back

Our 16 month old son went from feed-to-sleep, waking up 1-2 hours later crying, spending the rest of the night in bed with us and given 3-6 night feeds, to sleeping through the night in his own room consistently. Batelle gave us our sleep, our bed and our evenings back. It was 2 hard first nights of the program and then it was night and day changes each day. Two and half weeks later he sleeps through the night in his own room, happily! It's a system and it works and I can't recommend it enough to anyone struggling with sleep wanting to avoid cry-it-out methods.
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By Matt
17 JUN 2023

Completely transformed my child’s sleep

Batelle completely transformed my child’s sleeping habits. He is 13 months and has never slept through the night. He woke up every 3 hours since he came home from the hospital & at 9 months he started waking every hour and a half. After going through Batelle sleep school he now sleeps through the night with only one occasional wake but goes right back to sleep. I finally have my sleep back and my baby is such a happier baby. He is so well rested and it has made such a difference. If you are unsure about doing this program, do it. You will not regret it!
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By Bria
7 JUN 2023

7 mths later out toddler still looks forward to bedtime

Since completing the Batelle sleep school seven months ago, our two year old son sleeps through the night and regularly lets us know when he's ready for bedtime as well as naps. One of my sisters who has two teenagers, keeps saying about our son, "I've never seen a toddler ask for naps or bedtime." When it's nearing his bedtime, he'll say "red time bedtime" and for naps he usually says, "bed" or "take a rest." It's a miracle for my husband and I to have the schedule and routine around sleep we so wanted for our son. What's amazing to see is how much he loves his crib; how much he enjoys playing in it after naps and in th...
Read full review
By Molly H.
Success stories

Meet The Families

We’ve seen it all: multiple wake-ups in the middle of the night, cranky mornings and hour-long bedtimes, and all of the above. We’ve solved some of the toughest cases – but don’t just take it from us.

Meet the parents who have been there. Hear their stories in their own words, and learn how Batelle impacts a family’s life.

Still unsure about whether Batelle is right for you? We are more than happy to get you in contact with one of our many Batelle families who were in a similar situation before joining. Click below to submit a request email.

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The first step

Get Started With A Call

If you’re tired of just coping, here is the first step to solving your problems. Our approach is designed around the principles of early childhood development and then tailored to your specific family needs. We know we can help – the ball is in your court.


Batelle is so much more than sleep training. It is access to a team of 35+ sleep experts for up to 5 years, who walk you step-by-step through your personalized plan. It is the confidence in knowing your child is getting the sleep they need to develop and grow. It is how you get your nights back. 

In fact, we are so confident in our ability to solve the toughest of sleep issues that we guarantee our results of a 5-minute bedtime and uninterrupted nights. Batelle works with some of the most notable scientific and health advisers in the space, including the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft, UCL Honorary Fellow and pediatrician, and the former CEO of Oura Ring.

Ultimately, if you succeed, we succeed.

Read more about who we are in our blog.

Cry-it-out is unfortunately not very effective – especially as children grow older. We think there is a better way.

We focus on training you – the parent. Rather than not responding to a child crying at night (eg. CIO / Ferber), we teach the opposite. We train parents to attune to their child’s needs, and respond in a way that both reassures the child but also continuously moves them towards better sleep habits. Through being present and engaged, you will not only solve any sleep issues your child is experiencing, but also deepen your connection with them.

Getting great sleep is not magic.

Similarly, the secret to a full night’s sleep is about helping your child feel safe and secure in their sleeping environment; so much so that they no longer need to wake up and seek reassurance – rather, they feel secure in the knowledge that you watching over them and they are safe. 

Our guarantees are simple:

  1. Have effortless bedtimes – 5 minutes or less (should you choose)
  2. Sleep through the night
  3. Our approach is non cry-it-out
  4. You have access to experts for up to 5 years 


If we haven’t been able to achieve the two milestones above (5 min bedtime, sleeping through the night), we’ll give you the option to receive a full refund or extend the coaching and support until your you reach your goals. The choice is yours.

To be eligible for the full refund, you need to complete your program. This applies whether you do your plan at the recommended pace or opt for a slower one. Please note you can’t request a refund more than 60 days after purchasing Sleep School.

We have a 97% success rate amongst graduates. But it does require your effort and participation. If you for any reason need to cancel before completing your program, a $500 cancelation fee will apply. Please note you can’t request a cancellation more than 60 days after purchasing Sleep School.

If you want to learn more about if Batelle is for you, read this blog about “5 Things You Should Know When Deciding If Batelle Is For You

Children with sensory processing disorders or ADHD? Absolutely. We have great success with our families who come for help. 

Children who are teething or going through a regression? Yes, we will adapt your plan accordingly to make allowances for these situations. It will likely take a bit longer, but you can certainly get to the results. 

Multiple children /twins? Yes, it does. However, we do advise you to either have two caregivers carrying out Sleep School, or to put one child through the program after the other.

Moms who are breastfeeding? Absolutely. We are breastfeeding and attachment-parenting friendly. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re still able to breastfeed in any capacity you seek, and we’ll help you wean your child at night if appropriate/desired. If your child still requires a night feed, we’ll structure your program to make allowances for this.

Co-sleeping? Co-sleeping is used to describe both bed-sharing and room-sharing:

  • Room-sharing is fully supported by Batelle’s method.
  • Bed-sharing however, is against AAP guidelines for sleep safety. So while we respect this as a cultural and family lifestyle choice, the method has not been designed for people who want to continue bed-sharing. If you want to transition your child to their own bed, we’d be happy to provide guidance. 

We are a currently in the (long!) process of being awarded FDA approval. Batelle is a fully accredited Better Business Bureau member.

Yes, Batelle now accepts both HSA and FSA payments at check-out. You will get a Letter of Medical Necessity within minutes, that should you need it, you can give to your insurance provider.  

You can read more about this in our HSA/FSA blog

Yes. At Batelle, we like to work directly with pediatricians to help provide patients and their families with the best and most personalized service possible – you are welcome to have your pediatrician get in touch! Pediatricians also provide the means to help Sleep School be elegible for your insurance/FSA/HSA coverage. Visit our pediatrician page to learn more