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Sleep School

Pediatric Sleep Training and so much more

We teach parents how to put their children to bed in under 10 minutes and sleep through the night, Guaranteed.

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Sleep help reimagined

How It Works

We split the program up into two modes, Training and our Support, every customer no matter what plan you are on gets both

Baby sleeping in a onesie | Batelle

We train parents to be consistent and responsive to their children. As parents, you already have a lot on your plate. You shouldn't need to read dozens of books to figure out what's relevant for your family. At Batelle, we've done the heavy lifting for you. We personalize the content based on everything from your child's age to their temperament.

No matter what kind of learner you are, we make the content easy to digest through text, videos, audio, and interactive dialog. We offer plans for structured thinkers and quizzes for the competitive ones and smart notifications for those who need a nudge once in a while.

Key features include milestone tracking, smart notifications, customized advice and resources, interactive games, dietary suggestions, and custom schedules so that you can achieve 5-10 minute bedtimes within 2 weeks..
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Our responsive sub-clinical service offers 24/7 availability with near instant  data-driven recommendations. We track your child’s behavior and sleep patterns to provide targeted advice. This ensures that parents receive timely, evidence-based support tailored to their child's needs.

Depending on the package you purchase we provide additional support to ensure all your needs are met and you reach your goals.

We have observed more families in their homes putting their children to bed than any service out on the market. We know exactly what is needed to make your child feel safe and be consistently great sleeper.
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What We Guarantee


10 - Minute Bedtime

Bedtime doesn’t have to be a struggle. Bedtimes with children above the age of 6 months are behavioural. There is no reason that if your child is above the age of 5 months old and doesn't have any medical conditions why bedtime routines have to be longer than 10 minutes unless you want them to be.


Sleep Through The Night

We can give you and your family uninterrupted sleep at night. From 6 months old, a child starts to develop habits or ‘sleep associations’, anchoring them to certain people, objects or activities (eg. mom standing at the door, dad holding their hand, one more glass of water etc).... These sleep associations are usually somewhat arbitrary and cause persistent sleep disruptions for both parents and child that can last all the way into later preschooler years. With the right guidance, you can replace the sleep associations that are causing issues, while also making sure that your child still feels safe. If you follow our program, we can guarantee that your child will sleep through the night.


Your Child, Your Choice

Choose between a highly responsive method (unique to Batelle), no tears/ very gentle, CIO, Fading, 4S, or Ferber (all within American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines) and it’s curated to your needs.


5 Years of Support

This is the only sleep investment you will need to make. We are in this with you for as long as you want. As a Batelle family, you will be looked after, supported and coached through any of your child's sleep issues for the next 5 years.


Why We Can Guarantee Results

Batelle Sleep Guide | Batelle
Built by the largest team of Pediatric Sleep Experts

We’re not just a single influencer, providing generic advice. Our platform was built by 40+ dedicated trainers investing over $8 million spent on sleep training R&D. With over 10,000 hours of consultations and a team of 40 sleep experts... including lactation consultants, Postpartum Depression (PPD) Counselor, Doulas, Neonatologist, Perinatal Nutritionist and Newborn Care Specialist. We've facilitated 4.2 million messages between our Sleep Experts and families. Our CSAT score is 83%, NPS score is 86, and Trustpilot score is 4.7. We offer personalized, data-driven sleep solutions, understanding which interventions work best in specific situations, guiding thousands of families through their individual challenges. Read more

Fully Aligned with
Parent Goals

Tailor Made to you and our goals, your parenting style, child age, child sleep issues, temperament and the sleep environment. From 10,0000 pages to a few paragraphs hyper-targeted to your situation and your child’s needs.

Clipboard | Batelle
Distinguished Panel of Academics and Scientific Experts

We collaborate with some of the most renowned scientific and health advisers in the field, including the Chief Clinical Information Officer at Microsoft, a UCL Honorary Fellow and pediatrician, and the former CEO of Oura Ring.

Data-driven, science-backed

Pre-Batelle vs Post-Batelle

This data, collected from an Owlet case study of a toddler before and after Batelle, clearly indicates the improved consistency, quality, and depth of sleep of this individual.

Before Sleep School

After Sleep School

Worth. Every. Penny.

See What Parents Are Saying

“Batelle was there for us 100%... it didn't matter what time of day or night - it was phenomenal"

Megan & Chris Batelle Family

“I honestly have excelled more with my work, with my relationships...”

Alaina Batelle Family

“We learned so much more about her...
There's somebody that can guide me through this”

Marie Batelle Family

Reviews from Batelle Families

30 MAR 2023

Batelle Babies was truly life-changing

I’ll start with the fact that I’m frugal in almost every way. I pushed through 2 years of poor sleep with my first son and something broke in me when it started happening again with my second. I was desperate enough to take the carrot of a refund if my kid wasn’t sleeping through the night in 2 weeks with a 5 min bedtime (no it’s not cry it out). I mean yeah.. that’s impossible right? And if it isn’t then ok take my money! Well they exceeded my highest expectations. The team was so helpful and kind. If you have a kid that isn’t sleeping it affects everything; Your marriage your health, your other kids (temper much?), your house (is a mess), you...
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By Rathna
18 MAY 2023

1-3 Months old

As first time parents, we were looking for research-based guidance for creating a healthy sleep foundation from newborn stage on. Batelle provides personalized care plus sequential asynchronous lessons that build on each other and make sense. They really listen and help you with your individual goals. The method is always respectful and responsive to baby’s expressed needs. Our 3 month old trusts his sleep space and routine. He goes to sleep peacefully, eats once during the night, and wakes up smiling each morning. We 100% recommend Batelle.
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By Wendy
18 FEB 2023

Batelle Babies-highly recommend

We started when she was three months and we were both at our breaking point - 45 minute minimum bedtime process where we’d stand and bounce her, up 4-5 times a night, inconsistent naps. Absolutely everything is better now. Lucie, Kim and Emily are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I will say we were about a month in and things were somewhat better but not the results we’d hoped for given the price, but you have to stick it out and it’s so worth it in the end. Go all in on the program and it’s very likely going to work out better than you’d hoped. The method is not cry it out which was really important for me. Our daughter has success...
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By Katherine
Success stories

Meet The Families

We’ve seen it all: multiple wake-ups in the middle of the night, cranky mornings and hour-long bedtimes, and all of the above. We’ve solved some of the toughest cases – but don’t just take it from us.

Meet the parents who have been there. Hear their stories in their own words, and learn how Batelle impacts a family’s life.


Batelle is the leading Sleep School for children 0-6 years old:

 We are pioneering a different approach to children’s sleep, based on building trust, connection and engagement

 We understand children’s sleep better than anyone, having helped over 5000 families, with the toughest of sleep issues

 We’ve taken these learnings, and create personalized plans for every child, parent and family, tailored to age, sleep issues, medical conditions, parental preferences, child temperament, environment (eg. room sharing with sibling) and other variables (eg. daycare). This gives every parent and child what they need in order to see success and get more sleep.

👉 Read here about the stories from parents choosing a responsive approach 👈

The Batelle method is a responsive process that supports your child’s ability to sleep more independently. 

Not “forced” into compliance as a result of nights of disengaging.

Not “trained” to stop calling out to you when they need you.

Not “tricked” by putting them down drowsy enough and disappearing.

But really and truly able to sleep without you there with them. If you are thinking, “there is no way, there is no world, where my child ever learns how to fall asleep independently or link their sleep cycles (sleep through the night) independently”…

Read more about our method here.  

Yes it was! However, we wanted to make Batelle’s programs more accessible to more families. We’ve therefore launched new support packages offering the same expert-designed, child-centric approach to improving sleep – but giving different support options to support this journey. We realized that not all families needed such a high level of support, so it didn’t make sense to charge them for it. This shift helps us make quality sleep accessible to more families, without compromising on the personalized experience Batelle is known for.

A money-back guarantee means you are entitled to request a refund within the time limit specified (14 days), and we’ll give all your money back, no questions asked.  

We don’t just teach you how to ‘fix sleep’; we coach you how to improve your child’s relationship with sleep for the long term. Over the last ~3.5 years of working with families, we have a 93% success rate and have worked with the toughest and most complex of sleep issues. The reason we see such high success is that we are working on the fundamentals: a child’s need to feel safe, loved and responded to. Some children need more reassurance and more time than others, but ultimately you’re building up your child’s confidence and sense of security, which results in them feeling safe enough to sleep independently. You will have 60 days of coaching access to our sleep experts, which is ample time to go on this journey with your child and adapt the program to your family’s needs. However, we also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you feel that the program is not for you.

This is a really important question. And the answer is very likely yes. However, the real question shouldn’t be “is there crying?”, but rather “how will I respond to my child when they are crying?”. All cries are a form of communication, and our belief is that a child always deserves their communication to be heard and responded to in a loving way. You will be responding to your child at all times, showing them that you will always be there for them no matter what.

Absolutely. We are breastfeeding-friendly. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re still able to breastfeed in any capacity you seek, and we’ll help you wean your child at night if appropriate/desired. If your child still requires a night feed, we’ll structure your program to make allowances for this. Please note that it’s important to consult your pediatrician before changing your child’s feeding routine.

Absolutely. If you feel it is the right time for your family to make this move, we’d love to help you. This is a big change for your child, and we honor that as best we can. please remember that you will be in the room with your child for much of the program, which is helpful in transitioning from co-sleeping.

Yes! What makes sense for your family makes sense for us as long as your child has their own sleep space.

We understand this is a personal choice and works for many families. As it’s against AAP guidelines, we don’t give advice on how to continue bed-sharing but are happy to help you transition away from it. If you want to continue bed-sharing, you will be able to do certain parts of the program, which will improve sleep but will not get you to the full outcome (as a big part of the program is teaching a child to sleep independently). However, you can always complete the program at a later date. 

Yes, we cover all things sleep. You’ll work on naps and night-sleep separately though, as we want to make sure your child is getting enough sleep through this transition period by balancing night and day sleep.

The Batelle method can certainly support children with sensory processing disorders or ADHD. Our adaptable approach caters to a wide range of sensory and attention-related needs. We focus on individualized strategies that align with each child’s unique challenges and strengths, ensuring a supportive and effective sleep training experience. Our aim is to create a comfortable and reassuring environment that respects and accommodates your child’s specific requirements for successful sleep training.

Kids, especially those in daycare, get sick all the time. We leave it to you to decide if your child is well enough to do the program or not. You know best. If you feel you need to take a break because your child is sick, you will pause where you are, give your child whatever they need, and when you are ready to rejoin, you will. On any of our support packages, you have plenty of time for pauses as needed.

Yes, Batelle now accepts both HSA and FSA payments at check-out. You will get a Letter of Medical Necessity within minutes, that should you need it, you can give to your insurance provider.  

You can read more about this in our HSA/FSA blog

Solve Your Family's Sleep. Guaranteed.