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Batelle Pre-Schooler



Effortless bedtimes & uninterrupted nights

Get your child to bed in 10 mins & sleeping through the night, using a responsive approach


What’s included

Step-by-step action plan personalized to your family (naps and nights)

Custom sleep schedule reviewed
by an expert (adjustments made for daycare)

Bespoke plans for bed transitions, multiple caregivers, travel, sickness, regressions and more

Unlimited messaging with our human sleep experts for 30 days

24/7 instant chat support with
Elle (even at 3am!)

meet some of our kiddos

Built For Your Child

We build your program based on the individual needs of your little one. Whether bedtimes feel like a hostage negotiation, they need something particular to go to sleep (paci, teddy, you), they come through to your bed at night, or they are feeding to sleep – we can get them the sleep they need.

The Architect

Where everything has to be 'juuuuuuust' right. There's always another thing needing fixing, be it the pacifier, the door, the light...

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The Negotiator

Whether it’s to stay up late or not go back to sleep in the middle of the night, these tots are hard-core negotiators. Future lawyers, perhaps?

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The Escape Artist

Somehow these little ones seem to always find a way to escape their bed - Mission Impossible style.

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The Roommate

Co-sleeping, contact-napping, and room-sharing; these little ones don't even pay rent!

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The Gladiator

The gladiators of our time - these kiddos are fighters!

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The Most Responsive Approach to Sleep, Tailored to Your Little Child

Our approach is all based on building trust for your child and their relationship with sleep.


How it works

Create your family profile

Tell us about your family and child’s needs to help us create your perfect plan.

Implement your custom plan

Work towards your specific milestones each night, with tailored resources and support.

Feel the benefits of good quality sleep

Wake up refreshed every morning, and reap the long-term benefits of having a well-rested child.

All support packages eligible through HSA/FSA


For you if… you want a personalized non-CIO approach to sleep training your little one. 

$149 USD




For you if… you’d like expert support in implementing your plan

$349 USD



1-1 Support

For you if… you need more support and are ready to make a positive change.

$999 USD



Need More Support?

Top-up your package with additional support at any time. All add-ons are non-refundable.

30 Days of Elle Support

Get an additional 30 days of 24/7 instant support with Elle, our AI coach. $29 / month

1-1 Video Call with a Sleep Expert

Schedule a 40-min video call with a Batelle Sleep Expert to get even more personalized advice for your child's sleep. $75 / 40 min


Advice You Can Trust

Our proprietary technology is built from learnings from over 4.1 million chat messages and 48k real-time observations of families completing our program. This deep understanding allows us to really personalize your plan, and adapt it as you progress.

Non-Cry-It-Out Method

Using our responsive method, we teach a child to feel safe and secure at night, not simply teach them a new habit.

Over 93% Success Rate

We’ve got over a 93% efficacy with even the toughest of sleep issues (and families who’ve tried multiple other methods before).

5,000+ Rested Families

Our programs are based on 3.5+ years of data, research & coaching families moment-by-moment through their sleep issues.

What people are saying about us

september 5

Batelle is absolutely life changing.

Batelle is absolutely life changing. We went from our child LITERALLY waking up every 20 minutes to sleeping through the night in under 20 days. I don’t know what we would have done without Batelle.
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By dustin
august 28

10/10 recommend (as a skeptical person)

I was VERY skeptical but also very desperate because our son was up every hour at night from 4-6 months old. [...]The thing most important to us is we did not want to do cry it out in any way and Kim helped us work within our boundaries to get our son sleeping.
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By alisha
june 1

Amazing Program!

Before starting my wife and I were running with 4-5 hours of sleep combined, multiple wakings, difficulty in napping and bedtime, but after starting the program (our little one was about 18 weeks old) and starting to implement the teachings slowly, we gradually saw a huge improvement. I'm talking full night sleep, independent settling at bedtime, 10-15 minutes at the max to settle for the naps, and we're happier and more relaxed. I'd recommend Batelle to anyone who'd listen.
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by marin

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the leading Sleep School for children 0-6 years old:

 We are pioneering a different approach to children’s sleep, based on building trust, connection and engagement
 We understand children’s sleep better than anyone, having helped over 5000 families, with the toughest of sleep issues
 We’ve taken these learnings, and create personalized plans for every child, parent and family, tailored to age, sleep issues, medical conditions, parental preferences, child temperament, environment (eg. room sharing with sibling) and other variables (eg. daycare). This gives every parent and child what they need in order to see success and get more sleep

👉 Read here about the growing movement of parents choosing a responsive approach to their child’s sleep.

Yes, Batelle now accepts both HSA and FSA payments at check-out. You will get a Letter of Medical Necessity within minutes, that should you need it, you can give to your insurance provider.  

You can read more about this in our HSA/FSA blog.

The Batelle method is a responsive process that supports your child’s ability to sleep more independently. 

Not “forced” into compliance as a result of nights of disengaging.

Not “trained” to stop calling out to you when they need you.

Not “tricked” by putting them down drowsy enough and disappearing.

But really and truly able to sleep without you there with them. If you are thinking, “there is no way, there is no world, where my child ever learns how to fall asleep independently or link their sleep cycles (sleep through the night) independently”…

Welcome, you’re come to the right place.

Read more about our method here.  

Cry-it-out can work for a lot of families, and if it works for you, that’s great! However, it often doesn’t work, especially in the long-term.

However, the real reason we don’t promote cry-it-out is that we think it misses a unique and impactful opportunity to reinforce a secure attachment between you and your child. We believe that sleep is the perfect opportunity to show your child that you will always show up for them and respond to their needs, even in the tough times. 

We know that sleep is a time of vulnerability for a child, and our belief is that how parents engage with their children during these vulnerable times, has the capacity to teach children fundamental life skills and instil a sense of confidence in them that translates to all other areas of life.

Not if you view ‘sleep training’ as a way to teach a child to feel more comfortable and safe in their sleep space. No child is too old for that. Plus, we’ve worked with children all the way up to 10 years old before, so don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

We don’t just teach you how to ‘fix sleep’; we coach you how to improve your child’s relationship with sleep for the long term. Over the last ~3.5 years of working with families, we have consistently had over a 90% success rate (up to 97.3%) and have worked with the toughest of sleep issuesThe reason we see such high success is that we are working on the fundamentals: a child’s need to feel safe, loved and responded to. Some children need more reassurance and more time than others, but ultimately you’re building up your child’s confidence and sense of security, which results in them feeling safe enough to sleep independently. You will have 60 days of coaching access to Elle, our AI expert trained on thousands of families, which is ample time to go on this journey with your child and adapt the program to your family’s needs. 

If you want to learn more about if Batelle is for you, read this blog about “5 Things You Should Know When Deciding If Batelle Is For You

Over 60% of the families we’ve worked with have tried one or multiple other methods before coming to us (and our 93% success rate includes them!). Batelle is fundamentally different. It’s about “training” your child, or teaching them “self-soothing skills” – it’s far deeper than that. It’s about helping them feel safe and comfortable in their sleep space. When you see sleep through the lens of safety, that’s when you see the magic happen.

All programs are designed to be completed within two weeks if you choose. However, we find a lot of families choose to take a bit longer (between 2-4 weeks) to complete their program fully. You will have 60 days of chat support with Elle, our Sleep Coach AI, so you’re fully covered even if life gets in the way. If you need more than the 60 days, you can purchase more coaching on a month-by-month basis. Please reach out to [email protected] for more info.

Absolutely, we work with a lot of children with strong-willed temperaments. The key thing to understand is when a child is fighting bedtime, or gets really upset or angry when you leave the room, it’s coming from a place of fear. They feel most safe around you. And when you leave, they haven’t yet learned that they are still safe and that you are still there to protect them. When a child has a strong reaction, it’s their “fight” instinct kicking in, in an effort to keep you in the room/ prevent going to sleep etc. The way to address this is through love, reassurance and showing them that they have nothing to be fearful of.

If your little one needs a lot of reassurance and is sensitive, then we’ll make sure you take a more gentle, slower approach. For these little ones, using a responsive approach will give you the best results as it allows you to nurture them while also helping them learn to be comfortable independently.

Absolutely. We’ll even help you to navigate daycare so as not to be too disruptive. When you sign up, you’ll be asked about daycare or school and we’ll adapt your plan accordingly.


Yes it was! However, over time we learned that we could simplify Batelle’s programs and make them more accessible to more families. We’ve therefore launched new support packages offering the same expert-designed, child-centric approach to improving sleep – but giving different support options to support this journey. We realized that not all families needed such a high level of support, so it didn’t make sense to charge them for it. This shift helps us make quality sleep accessible to more families, without compromising on the personalized experience Batelle is known for.
For those who have read about our previous program, please note, we no longer support the Hug or Ring cameras as part of any of our programs.