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Batelle Sleep School – 0-6 months

Your Baby
Sleeping Better

with guided support and a plan built for your family by experts.

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A team of baby experts at your fingertips

Our specialists range from registered sleep experts, doulas, lactation consultants and nutritionists. With Batelle Mini you can message them to:

An adapting plan, made for your little one

We know things move fast at this age. That’s why our modules will be tailored to your child’s age and your family’s unique needs and adapt during these weeks and months.

14-day satisfaction guarantee

FAQs & Safety

We think cry-it-out is not very effective – especially for the long term, as children grow older. We think there is a better way.

The Batelle Mini method is rooted in a nurture-based, responsive approach. Unlike some methods that might suggest limited or timed responses to a crying child, we prioritize training parents to deeply attune to their child’s needs. Our goal is to equip parents with a sustainable response structure that both reassures the child and guides them towards improved sleep habits.

While our approach is responsive, it’s important to note that there might still be moments of crying. However, with the Batelle Mini method, you’ll be empowered to understand and address the underlying reasons for your child’s distress, fostering not only better sleep but also a deeper parent-child connection.

Age-wise, Batelle Mini is for families with babies younger than 6 months.

  • For babies that are 3 months old, we’ll help you to lay a healthy sleep foundation and set your days and nights up for success. Once your little one is old enough (4 months old), we’ll help you make the transition into the next stage of the journey, where how you interact with them determines how well they will sleep.
  • For babies between 4 and 5 months we’ll help your child sleep better through our responsive approach. You’ll be teaching your baby how to feel safe and comfortable in their cribs through connection and engagement with the person they trust most – you.

Whether it’s naps, bedtimes, or middle-of-the-night wakes – we’ve got you covered.

Batelle Mini is a sister program to Batelle Sleep School for younger little ones (aged 0 to 6 months). The main difference between Batelle Mini and Batelle Sleep School is the intensity of support. Parents of younger babies do best when they are given a clear structure, coaching and guidelines, but also have the freedom to attune to what they need and their baby needs day-to-day. This means a slower, more self-guided pace is better suited for this age group. You’ll have access to your plan and you’ll be able to message our team of experts who will get back to you M-F within a day.

Our specialists range from registered sleep experts, doulas, lactation consultants and nutritionists. You’ll be able to message our team and we’ll get back to you within a day (M-F) to make sure you always have what you need.

Hundreds of families have seen success in this program, and we can tell you one thing about them: it is ultimately the parents who are most committed to learning and implementing the method who are most successful.

If you find Batelle Mini is not for you, we offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

Co-sleeping is used to describe both bed-sharing and room-sharing:

  • Room-sharing is fully supported by Batelle’s method.
  • Bed-sharing can be a cultural and family life choice. However, while we respect this choice, our method has not been designed for people who want to continue bed-sharing. If you want to transition your child to their own bed, we’d happily provide guidance.

The Batelle Mini program consists of a plan personalized to your family’s needs, whether your biggest struggle is weaning bedtime feeds at night or working on reducing contact napping during the day.

The answer is, it depends on your family’s unique situation! We’ve worked with parents who are happy to see improvement in their child’s sleep within a week, and others who choose to take it slow and work towards their goals over the course of three weeks or more. In this program, you’ll move through the modules at your own pace. That said, most families take 2-3 weeks to complete the modules. For younger babies a more gradual approach may feel necessary.

While we’d love to promise that you’ll never have to work on sleep again after this program, we know that’s just not true for every child. It’s true that some kids won’t need help with sleep ever again, but others may face challenges in future: we know life changes like moving or the arrival of a sibling can cause sleep regressions. That said, what you will learn will give you the best possible chance of being able to navigate any and all obstacles that may come your way.

By purchasing Batelle Mini, you’ll have lifetime access to the content in the app and if you’re still struggling, we’ll be here to help.

14-day satisfaction guarantee

The first step

Get Started With A Call

If you’re tired of just coping, here is the first step to solving your problems. Our approach is designed around the principles of early childhood development and then tailored to your specific family needs. We know we can help – the ball is in your court.

What people are saying about us

september 5

Batelle is absolutely life changing.

Batelle is absolutely life changing. We went from our child LITERALLY waking up every 20 minutes to sleeping through the night in under 20 days. I don’t know what we would have done without Batelle.
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By dustin
august 28

10/10 recommend (as a skeptical person)

I was VERY skeptical but also very desperate because our son was up every hour at night from 4-6 months old. [...]The thing most important to us is we did not want to do cry it out in any way and Kim helped us work within our boundaries to get our son sleeping.
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By alisha
june 1

Amazing Program!

Before starting my wife and I were running with 4-5 hours of sleep combined, multiple wakings, difficulty in napping and bedtime, but after starting the program (our little one was about 18 weeks old) and starting to implement the teachings slowly, we gradually saw a huge improvement. I'm talking full night sleep, independent settling at bedtime, 10-15 minutes at the max to settle for the naps, and we're happier and more relaxed. I'd recommend Batelle to anyone who'd listen.
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by marin