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Our responsive approach is designed to improve sleep, while also fostering a secure attachment with your child.

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We’ll adapt our method to fit into your family’s unique situation and needs, so you can trust that it will work for you.

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You’ll be able to chose the level of support that suits your family, with the option to upgrade if needed.


Discover how Batelle fits into your family.

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Elle is your coach, trained on the knowledge from our Sleep Experts and the thousands of families we’ve helped. She’s always ready to chat (even at 3am!)

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how special and unique your little one is. At the same time, our Sleep Experts have worked with over 5000 families, and have (almost!) seen it all. With this experience, we’ve crafted our method to be adaptable to your family’s circumstances. When you sign in, we’ll start by asking you over 30 questions so we can ensure the program is tailored to your family and maximise your chances of success.

To unlock your full plan you’ll need to upgrade to one of our paid programs. Programs start at $149, which includes your personalized step-by-step plan, full access to Elle to help you through each step, and custom resources for all circumstances, such as feeding, travel, sickness, etc. You can get the full overview of our offerings here.

Yes! If you find that you’d like support from our team of sleep experts in implementing your plan you can upgrade at any time. There is no additional fee, so you just pay the difference between the two programs.

Surprisingly good, actually. Our Sleep Experts have trained Elle based on data from the 5000+ families that we’ve helped. She knows about your personalized plan, what step you’re on, and what your progress through the program has been so far. One of our favorite messages from a family to Elle was “Hey how come you seem like a person? You’re very helpful” — it made all of us here at Batelle smile 😊 

It’s best to wait in most cases. We have found that families have the best results when they commit to a period free from distractions such as travel or visitors for the duration of the program, and ideally for 1-2 weeks once the program is complete.

The program typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete. If your baby is feeding many times a night, this process could take closer to 3-4 weeks as we make allowances for them to adjust more gently.